Monday, 31 October 2011

In Depth: Solvent Abuse

The not so proud mother
Graphite sketch by Estelle Rocca-Serra
At the studio we have observed a rather high incidence of solvent abuse in the studio fly community, with multiple recidivists.

I’ve done some research and it seems flies are attracted to the smell of Turpentine and before they know it they’re all high! Flying erratically and more often than not ending up in emergency crash landing on the oil painting itself… such silly junkies!

The rescuing process is a very delicate and time consuming one, but I’m not quite sure of the usefulness of a rehab facility though.

Flies are not the only one conducting themselves in a disorderly fashion, just this year an owl was taken in, for been drunk, by the German police (read the article here). Alcohol abuse is frowned upon in the owl community.

Apparently substance abuse is widely spread in the animal kingdom: overripe fruits, locoweed, rock lichen, mushrooms of course! and so many more. Not that I would particularly know about substance abuse, obviously…!

Stay tuned...

Source: Australian Geographic

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