Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Did you know?... Castor Oil

Beaver, one of Basil's cousin
Graphite sketch by Estelle Rocca-Serra
Castor oil is extracted from the bean shaped pods of the fruit from the castor-oil plant... not from our little friend the Castor (Beaver).

As an oil painting medium it would be ideal as it doesn’t go yellow at all, which is extremely rare. The yellowing potential of an oil is a decisive factor in its usability, but so is also its drying time and unfortunately castor-oil dries so slowly it cannot be used for oil painting.

Due to its very desirable non yellowing property and low staining power, research was carried out, successfully, to find ways to make it dry quicker, but then the problem became a too high viscosity…

Hopefully one day, the guys in the labs will find a way to make it all work into the perfect painting oil.

Stay tuned…

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