Monday, 22 August 2011

The Geek: Inks

One of Basil's dream date, black Indian Ink.
Apart from the splashing we saw earlier on this week (Friday’s Sketch of the Day) there are many more things to do with Inks.

I've done my research and here’s a slightly geeky low-down on this fast, bright and fun medium:

Black Indian ink is a permanent colour, it’s made of pigments. It’s a very rich, and deep black, but diluted it will give a multitude of shades of brilliant grey. It is the ink used by calligraphers.

Coloured inks are made with dies, not pigments, and therefore are not as permanent, the colour will fade overtime. If you have some coloured ink artworks avoid to display them in direct sunlight, you’ll keep them bright for longer.

Used with pen, brush (or splashed!) on paper or illustrative board, the smoother the surface the smoother the flow and the line. Available liquid in bottle, as pen or markers or even as solid blocks to be diluted with water.

Fast drying and transparent they have a great brilliance of colour, perfect for illustrations and bright drawings.

I must ask Estelle to draw me in Ink too so I can ask this ravishing lady out!

Stay tuned…

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