Thursday, 18 August 2011

Before and After with Kevin Herlihy

Usually when we see an artwork, whether it’s a sculpture, a painting, a ceramic, etc. we don’t really think of what it is actually made of, we just take it, finished, as a whole. In this Before/After series we’ll show you what you can’t see, you might be surprised!

Before: Kevin's treasure chest
Kevin Herlihy’s work is the first (very brave of him!) in our series of Before/After.

Kevin, what is this?

It’s a treasure chest, from a shipwreck on the river Thames.

What on earth is all this stuff?

Here we’ve got remains of bicycles, remains of someone’s lunch (can you spot the can of pilchards?) and drinks too, window double glazing… mostly aluminium, copper and brass.

Where did you find all this?

On the beaches of the river Thames, at low tide.

Really? and what do you do with all these things?

This robin.
After: Robin, by Kevin Herlihy
Birds are one of my favourite things to make and the robin is one of my collector's favourite bird, so I was very happy to be commissioned to make it. These birds have a lot of character.

You can see more of Kevin's amazing sculptures here.

Stay tuned...

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