Sunday, 10 June 2012

We'll be back very soon!

I suppose I could come up with some rather far fetched scenarios to explain my absence over the last few weeks…

#1 I have been abducted by some charming but not so clever aliens, who have been trying to wire my earlobes in the wild hope of using them to communicate signals with planet Earth. They ultimately had to release me when they realised I don’t actually have earlobes

#2 Estelle sent me on a very dangerous and top secret expedition in an ancient-buried-lost-city in South America to recover the last fragments of a very rare pigment that changes colour like the rainbow

#3 or I could just simply admit, that we have been very very busy working on some new and exciting projects and we do apologise for not coming out to play as much as we would have liked…

…but, we’ll be back very soon with some new rubrics, some interviews and lots of fun stuff!

Stay tuned…

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