Friday, 20 April 2012

Did you know... Mummy Brown?

Lunatyc does a Cleopatra
Pen and ink sketch by Estelle Rocca-Serra
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Did you know Mummy Brown?

Very popular with the Pre-Raphaelites, this rich brown pigment was originally produced from the remains of Egyptian mummies, both human and sacred animal.


The ancient Egyptians used aromatic herbs, resins and asphaltum to embalm bodies, a nice little recipe to preserve them from decay. When the remains where found during excavation of the burial grounds, someone - no one seems to know who (or maybe dare to say who?) - had the very strange idea of grinding this brown mixture of decayed bandages, arteries and bones into a fine powder to use as a pigment.

Due to its popularity a large number of mummies were imported into Europe and this pigment was still very common until 1925, but is not in use anymore.

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