Friday, 13 January 2012

The Mystery Feathers – Mystery solved!

Mystery Feathers, The evidence
The Flirtine, Sculpture by Estelle Rocca-Serra
Well, I told you I had a lead on The Mystery Feathers. Ok I give you that, it took me a while, but finally the mystery is solved! This is what they were for: The Flirtine!

Created by Estelle, The Flirtine is held like a Venician mask in front of the eyes, the feathers allow you to see through but from the other side no-one can see your eyes… Flirt on!

This is what Estelle says about it: “When I started to develop the concept of the ‘Flirtine’ series of paintings, it became obvious that it would be so much fun to make a sculpture of the accessory I created, and was about to paint. This would also give me an idea of scale, volume and texture.

Oh and just to get the record straight, I don’t take it with me when I go out on a hot date! Well, not always.”

"Not always"... yeah, right!

Stay tuned...

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